Beverley - May 2019

After attending a seminar of Janis’s, my life made a dramatic change for the better. Was I ready for what she was going to teach?.  Yes!. Did I know it was going to take me this far?. No! She showed me how to believe in myself. Since that day, I have followed through with my Angel drawings and I am continuing my Spiritual journey where ever it may lead. Thank you, Janis, for your gentleness and patience. I am humbled that you started me on my journey. Magic be with you always.  

Debbie - December 2019

The first time I met Janis, I was instantly aware of the goodness, gentleness and love within her. Blending with these beautiful qualities is also an amazing inner strength and pureness of truth that makes people want to be in her presence. Janis always has time for others and displays such genuine compassion and understanding, as if she herself is experiencing the other’s suffering. It is an honour to know you Janis

Jillian - May 2020

I have found Janis to be a reader of great skill, accuracy and integrity. I have had both readings and healings from her. Her ability to connect into Spirit and bring through that which is needed for the client is of the highest calibre.

Julie - October 2020

I would like to say thank you so much for my healing.  I felt so good on Thursday and when I went to the specialist  he was amazed at my progress, he said he should take a photo and put it on a billboard!  I came home feeling my heart had been opened. 

Tracy - Novemeber 2020

I have known Janis for almost a decade now and as I have been going through my own spiritual awakening was looking for a mentor to learn more about the spiritual realm. When the opportunity came to learn from Janis by completing her Life Enlightened courses I jumped at the opportunity. Having now completed 2 courses I found the information provided in many topics hitting the spot. The group of students that you will learn with are like minded and are enthusiastic creating a safe environment to learn in not to mention a fun atmosphere. I have learnt so much and have built on my knowledge and look for ward to the next chapter of the process. Thank you to Janis and David xx